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Welcome to Iyengar Yoga with Alison.

I teach classes in Stockport, North Reddish and Dukinfield.

Iyengar Yoga is accessible for all ages and body types. It is known for its focus on precision aided by the use of props - although common place now they were first used by BKS Iyengar to help practitioners safely achieve asanas (poses) .

The teacher may use these props such as pads, blocks, belts and blankets to modify poses for individual students or to experience a deeper penetration into the posture and a longer stay.

Each Iyengar class can have a different focus and can be enjoyed by all . Over time you will discover that a regular practice  integrates the mind, body and emotions.


Is Iyengar Yoga for You?

Yoga is for everyone - you are never too stiff or too old to enjoy a class.

A certified Iyengar teacher can guide students through an experience of yoga which is safe, accessible and rewarding.


Teachers of Iyengar yoga are trained and held to rigorously high standards - only after years of  training and assessment are they able to qualify to teach.


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